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One-on-One Coaching:

- Receive personalized guidance through individual coaching sessions with our experienced Independent Facilitators.

- Utilize this opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and discuss challenges.

- Receive valuable feedback on PCP Report, Spending Plan development, Hiring Staff, and Setting Yourself as an Independent Facilitator.

- Make the most of your coaching sessions by exploring resources, finding solutions, and identifying outcomes.

-Community Based Organization (CBO) one-on-one Support with business structure, organization, technology, and Grant Support.

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Client Testimonial

"As an aspiring Independent Facilitator, I quickly realized that the DDS required training alone would not be sufficient for me to serve even one client well. Despite my best efforts to network and research what I could find online, I knew that I’d need to invest and get some professional training. In my search I found The Independent Facilitator Training Academy website and booked an hour consultation with Rosie Lasca. Honestly, her website isn’t remarkable so I wasn’t expecting much. But I cannot tell you how invaluable that hour was on that day and on the days following when I booked more sessions. Her expertise in this field is quite amazing as the SDP program hasn’t been around more than a decade and I haven’t met anyone as knowledgeable since.

Rosie is truly dedicated to my success. I pay for an hour but she has always looked at my work or questions in advance and then does follow ups to ensure my needs have been met. She also has small business experience and spent hours helping me with my business plan.

 It feels great to have a mentor! I’m just getting started but I hope to empower others the way she has me. Thank you, Rosie! You make a real difference. "

My very best,

Lori Ross